Backgorund story of Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest and well known basketball player in the history of the NBA. This is his story on how he became what he is today. Kobe Bryants full name is Kobe Bean Bryant he was born August 23rd 1978 in Philidelpia. His dad was an NBA basketball player but now is ritired. When his dad retired in the NBA he took the family to Italy, where he played in the Italian League. Kobe learned a lot from his dad as he watched his practices and games. He practiced and practiced countless hours and soon he went back to Philidelpia in 1991 and attendend Lower Marion High School. He lead the high school to the state championships four years in a row! AT this point he had his sense of purpose, he was born to play basketball. He worked really hard in High School, waking up at 3 in the morning and working out with his high school coach till 5 in the morning etc. Kobe was not only was a phenomenal basketball player but was a extrodanary student with good grades and high SAT scores. But he decided that he wanted to go straight to the NBA from high school as he was selected 13th pick in the 1996 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets. But right away was subsequently traded to the Los Angles Lakers where he would spent the rest of his career.

Kobe Bryants first NBA season was not that great but he was seeking for improvment and worked countless hours on his games. In his second season he was voted a starter for the All star game in 1998. He is the youngest All star in NBA history till this day. Later in his career he teamed up with Shaquille O'Neal, where they would win 3 consecutive championshps, and they were also voted first team all NBA from 2002-04. After Shaq left he struggled a little bit but he had overcomed that and had to improve his game. After some seasons the Lakers started to get back on track and kobe was able to lead the lakers to two more championships.

Kobe bryant right now is a retired man who owns a business. He also has a non-profit After school allstars program where he teaches kids how to improve their game.

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